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Face to face to the problem

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#1 Rustam



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Отправлено 02 Июнь 2009 - 08:41

Salam! :) Today, I'd like to discuss the next theme. In two words this theme is about the problems which we need to decide every day. For example, I have been told to create a site for the organization where I'm working now. But the problem is that I have to create it during only one or two weeks. It's impossible to create the site from nothing. And I have decided to use ready site-engine. I've talked to person, who knows about it much more than I know. After it, I decided to use Drupal. It's only one example of the problems. Other people have their own tasks. For example, how to repair the car, or what kind of mobile phone to buy etc. So, if you are Face to Face to your problem, how do you usually find the solution of this problem? Do you try to recieve some advise from more experienced person or do you prefer to find the solution by yourself without someone's assistance?

#2 philip



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Отправлено 08 Июнь 2009 - 01:44

I copy the existing solutions. I don't like to reinvented the wheel. All answers are given in our life, so I'm just under specific issues in their work looking ready solutions everywhere

#3 skarlet



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Отправлено 15 Июль 2009 - 10:33

as for me I prefer to receive some advice from an experienced person when I don't know anything and only then I decide what is bettter for the solution of the problem

#4 Ishtak


    Башҡорт ханы

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Отправлено 12 Июль 2012 - 08:36


Jul. 11th, 2012 at 3:03 PM
reposted by gruz2105

On the 11th of July Russian State Duma holds the second reading of the amendments to the Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information." LiveJournal is holding a protest against proposed amendments, as they can result in the creation of censorship in the Russian segment of the Internet, which is prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

What are these amendments about?

Amendments shall be adopted within the framework of the Bill № 89417-6 - the Bill 'on childrens' protection from information harmful to their health and development'. The Bill would create a blacklist of blocked internet sites and proposes several other changes to the law, including liability for telecom service providers for failing to protect children.

How does this lead to the censorship on the Internet?

Lobbyists supporting the amendments argue that these amendments are directed only against illegal or inappropriate content for children.

However, the system of blocking such content does not apply any appeals or procedures for reconsideration. The lack of restrictions to this law make it hard to interpret the proposed amendments as anything other than censorship.

In practice this means that a provider will be able to block a certain site on ministerial orders without a court's judgment. We believe that the amendments to the law can lead to censorship in the Russian segment of the Internet, creating a black list, stop-lists and blocking certain sites. Unfortunately, the practice of law in Russia indicates a high probability of the worst-case scenario.

LiveJournal considers the introduction of any restrictions on freedom of expression and information in the Internet to be unacceptable. This is why we are against the adoption of the proposed amendments to the law "On Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information".

Learn more:
•Bill № 89417-6 on the website of the Russian State Duma (Russian). - http://asozd.duma.gov.ru/main.nsf/(Spravka)?OpenAgent&RN=89417-6
•Information about the Law in Wikipedia (English). - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_State_Duma_Bill_89417-6

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